Options for Seniors

Here at Med Plan Advisors we take insurance seriously.  Health and Life insurance is all we do.  We are an insurace BROKER and have partnered with the top carriers to enable us to find each individual that uses our services the product or products that fits their needs and not try to “sell” you on the product a that “captive” agent is only able to sell.  Our service cost you nothing the pricing we provide is the same as if you went to the carrier directly.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplements also known as Medigap plans are provided by private insurance companys.  These plans are “standardized” by the goverment and they can be used at any doctor that accepts Medicare. NO small networks to worry about.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans sometimes referred to as “Part C” are provided by private insurance companys.  These plans must cover at least everything Medicare covers and are a popular option. These plans can have a montly premium as low as $0. These plans for the most part have a “Network” of healthcare professionals and typically you must see the providors in that network for your healthcare.

Final Expense

Final Expense is a Life Insurance product sometimes referred to as a Burial Plan.  Generally speaking it is designed to cover the costs of a funeral and burial or cremation. As with our health insurance products Med Plan Advisors is partnered with many of the Top insurance carriers so we can offer YOU the best possible plan that work or are “friendly” to your health conditions.